New High score!

So after switching to a new host (something I’ve been considering for a while) and after Spitdawg fired up his deck, our podcast is back on track. Not only on track but setting new high scores for itself. Our episodes were played a combined total of 1291 times yesterday. That is just awesome! A big […]

Contacting us

So I finally got around to setting up an e-mail account for this game, yeah I know it is something that should have been done sooner. So now if the fans want to ask questions to the group or myself they totally can. If we get enough e-mails I would love to do a mailbag […]

Game day elation

With the first Geek the Mage session in many weeks mere hours away, I decided to throw up another playlist to help get ya’ll ready for what is to come. In the time off some stuff has changed, we’ve lost a player and will be introducing some new house rules that should help the pacing […]

Just hang in there.

I know we have been silent for far too long and for that I apologize. With the holidays and hectic schedules it has been hard to get the band together. But please know that we are trying. We are not content to go quietly into the night. No! We want the sound of our dice […]

The results are in!

Alright so after a few weeks of voting and some technical issues later I am going to call the poll, and the winner is….. “Help stop a ritual to bind a spirit” So once we wrap up the “Rob a Stuffer Shack warehouse” run the group will head out on that as a run. We […]